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Check out more adventures with my couples and read up on all the resources you'll need for planning your unique one of a kind elopement experience. Below you'll also find education resources for photographers + creatives.

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the griffin house elopement

  The Griffin House in Hood River, Oregon This is probably one of my absolute favorite galleries from the last year. Not only was the weather perfect (despite the mosquitos), it was such a great time being able to catch up with Em. Em and I go way back! We’re both from a small town […]

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Elopement checklist for epic photos

An elopement checklist on how to have amazing photos from your adventure elopement! If you’re eloping, read over this checklist of 10 tips to help you make sure you have epic photographs from your elopement! This checklist will cover the little things to keep in mind for planning your celebration from your attire to deciding […]

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Backyard elopement

 Bend, Oregon Elopement If you’re getting married and thinking about postponing your wedding due to COVID, you should consider having an elopement. Many couples are being forced to either postpone their date to the following year or celebrate their love in a different way. R + D originally planned on having their wedding at Loloma […]

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couples photos on christmas tree farm

Fog + sweater weather = A TOTAL VIBE and I  am soooo here for it!! Swooning over these two from this past weekend! I had the best freaking time with them running around the farm and getting to know them. Out of nowhere we had about 30 or so chickens and roosters come up to […]

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mt rainier elopement

Elopement Session at Mt. Rainier If you’re contemplating on getting married in the winter, getting epic photos in the snow is a freaking must! These two flew from Florida to Las Vegas to get married and then headed my way to the beautiful Pacific Northwest to have a snowy Mt. Rainier National Park winter elopement […]

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how to pick an elopement location

Elopement Planning 101: How do you find places to elope? One of the best things about eloping is that you can literally do whatever you want! There are absolutely no rules when it comes to eloping, and there’s no idea that’s too crazy. You can elope right in your backyard, or halfway across the world. […]

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how to plan a national park elopement

There’s no question that some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States is found in our national parks. From the towering glaciers and domes of Yosemite, to the rugged, rocky coast of Acadia, it’s no wonder why these parks draw thousands of visitors each day. It’s also no wonder that more and more […]

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best places to elope in oregon

The Best Places to Elope in Oregon If you’ve never been to Oregon, I have one question for you – why the heck not?! You might be familiar with Portland – land of hippies and yummy donuts – but just outside of the city lie miles and miles of forests, hot springs, and lakes, and […]

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Not even gonna lie, I’ve been a total slacker when it comes to blogging galleries. It’s something I’m working on getting better at cause I know so many of you love to catch a glimpse of what it could look like to elope! I have galleries over the last 2 years I’ve been going through […]

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top 5 places to elope in wasington

When you think of Washington state, what do you see? Towering pine trees, snowy mountain peaks? This is the first thing that comes to mind for a lot of people – but in reality, the landscape of Washington is incredibly diverse! Maybe I’m a little biased, being an elopement photographer in Washington, but this state […]

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how to tell friends and family you're eloping

The second you got engaged, you probably started getting comments, suggestions, requests, and straight up demands from everyone around you. Your second cousin wants to know where his invitation is, your grandma wants to know why you won’t wear her dress from the 70s, your mom wants to know why you won’t get married at […]

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Engagement Photos at Franklin Falls? Yes! These Franklin Falls engagement photos were unbelievable! Alyssa and Dawson were such an amazing couple to go on an early-morning adventure with. They are the kind of people who inspire you with their connection; natural, easy-going, completely present in the moment. It was like the two of them had […]

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