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The Griffin House in Hood River, Oregon | Phil & Em

the griffin house elopement


The Griffin House in Hood River, Oregon

This is probably one of my absolute favorite galleries from the last year. Not only was the weather perfect (despite the mosquitos), it was such a great time being able to catch up with Em. Em and I go way back! We’re both from a small town in Southeastern Washington and grew up together going to the same school. When my friend let me know that he was planning on doing an elopement shoot with them, I was so pumped!

The Griffin House Elopement shoot vibe was soooo perfect!

They are seriously the sweetest souls I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and you can just FEEL their love for one another when you’re around them. There’s something about photographing couples that radiate that positive energy when you’re around them. We were so excited about shooting them at The Griffin House in Hood River, Oregon (overlooking the Columbia River Gorge) and MAN it was a FREAKING DREAM. I had so much fun with them and the weather seriously couldn’t have been more perfect.



If you’re thinking about eloping at the Columbia River Gorge or at The Griffin House and love these photos as much as I do, I’d love to chat about my elopement packages and the overall elopement experience– contact me here and let’s talk all about your vision! If you’re unsure about where you want to have your elopement, check out this blog to help you decide on where to elope in Oregon.

Here’s some of the folks involved:

Coordinator + Other Photographer @emettjoseph   (To check out his photos from the griffin house, check out his blog)

Venue @thegriffinhouse

Accessories @daziusa

Jewelry @m.rose_co

Real couple @philemwithlove

Dress @aandbe_seattle

Suit @hm

Stationary @beckerandcompany

Florals @fleuraefloral

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January 11, 2021

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