It's because once the day is over, what you’re left with is your memories. 

You deserve to look back on your wedding day and remember every single feeling you felt, every glance, every touch, the thrill of it all and and every second as if it happened yesterday. 

You deserve to experience something that you can look back on and remember how right everything felt.

You deserve to skip the peer pressure and the party thats for everyone else.

Because at the end of it all, you deserve an unforgettable experience that you can forever look back on and say “that was SO US”.

what does it mean to

oregon elopement photographer


to celebrate your love in an intimate & intentional way that is an authentic reflection of your relationship while focusing on the things that you value most.

This is the type of wedding thats actually focused on your love.

oregon elopement at latourell falls

This is your opportunity to create the wedding you've always known you were meant to have, one where you can actually feel like yourself. This is your chance to throw outdated traditions out the window, because your values are unique, and you need a day that reflects that.

You know that feeling when you’re riding shotgun with the windows down, eyes closed, music playing, feeling the breeze on your face, without a care in the world and think at that very moment, “life couldn’t get better than this”?

This is the type of feeling you deserve for your wedding day: a fully present, stress-free, unforgettable experience. Elopements allow you to celebrate your love, in the most genuine and honest way possible. It gives you an opportunity to be present & take in each and every moment and I think that's pretty damn magical.

Focus on the things you value most.

Feel empowered to truly be yourself.

Ditch the stress & pressure from others.

Read your vows in an incredible location.

Put the focus back on your connection.

Be fully present with one another without distractions.

Create a day that is a true reflection of your relationship.


Spoiler alert: Your elopement can be anything you want it to be.

We'll adventure to your dream location perhaps it's the mountains, ocean, glaciers, or forest.. no matter where you want to elope, we'll find the perfect location for you to read your vows and create an itinerary that allows you to explore the surrounding landscape so you sit back & enjoy the experience.

You could start your day at an airbnb, camping, or a hotel, you could incorporate new traditions that you value into your ceremony, you could soak in the hot springs or enjoy a first dance around the campfire as the sparks twinkle in the night.

The possibilities for your elopement are endless, and I'm here to help you bring your vision to life.

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Hi I'm Oshen! An Oregon & Iceland elopement photographer who's here to empower, inspire and educate couples on all the possibilities for creating a wedding day that truly reflects them. I believe every couple deserves to celebrate their love in a way that feels like home. When I'm not capturing your story, I'm likely binge watching netflix, thrifting, exploring the city with my Partner, eating some bomb charcuterie or creating art (glitter is likely involved). I have a slight addiction to houseplants (thanks to the pandemic), a love for spirituality, self-care & meditation and a wanderlust for travel & new experiences.

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I believe everyone is worthy of a wedding day that is a reflection of themselves and I support & respect all identities and bodies to be themselves, to love who and how they choose, and guide them on  the journey to experience that. 

I respect the values you hold dear and am here to foster a safe  environment of equity and inclusion while empowering all folks to create an honest & genuine experience that is highly personal to them.

Trusting me to tell your story is an incredible honor and being a part of the space in which you make such an important commitment is sacred. 

I care about telling your story as it is in the most genuine & down to earth way possible and do this by respecting your personalities, boundaries, communication styles, values and relationship. My goal is to create an environment where you can feel free to be emotionally vulnerable, feeling all the feels, having all the laughs, crying all the happy tears, your hearts full, adventuring & embracing new experiences while creating one the best damn memories of your life.


I want to empower you to have a wedding day where you feel the liberation to be yourself by showing you all of the possibilities in which you can celebrate your love in a way by creating a day that is near to your heart, down to earth, stress free and without restriction while staying true to yourself.







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