Kvernufoss and Reynisfjara Elopement

couple walking at reynisfjara during their elopement

If there's anything I've learned since being in Iceland, it's that the weather is unpredictable. While most couples have a vision of the type of weather they'll be getting married in, the couples that can go with the flow and let mother nature do it's thing are in for a treat when it comes to eloping here.

One of my favorite areas to explore in Iceland is the South Coast, and since it offers such a variety of landscapes, there's definitely a location for everyone here. M & C and I headed first to Vik, where we stopped for snacks and did M's hair and makeup.

After we were all ready to go, we headed to Reynisfjara for their elopement, which is also known as the black sand beach, and while it was filled with tourists; we headed farther down the beach to get some privacy. As the wind blew heavily, M & C stuck it out for some epic photos before we headed off to Kvernufoss to find a little more privacy.

We expected Kvernufoss to have at least some hikers, so we were definitely in for a treat when we discovered we had it all to ourselves. Kvernufoss has quickly become of my favorite locations to elope here in Iceland, as it's really accessible yet often empty, making it a perfect location for those that want to elope somewhere that's easy to access while still wanting that privacy.

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