Oshen Davidson • Bend Boho Bridal Session
black butte ranch bend oregon bridal photo with flowers

 Boho Bridal Inspiration

Ya’ll if you ain’t doing a bridal session you’re missing out! Who doesnt like getting dressed up and all ready for fun and down to earth session. I always let brides know that if they are wanting to do a day after session // bridal session that they should reach out to some of their vendors and see if they offer it as an option to add on top of their package.

Lots of times HMUA and florists will happily add on a portrait session to your package. I really enjoy doing these type of sessions because it is so damn relaxing tbh. You don’t have to worry about being rushed or trying to scramble to get your portraits done so you can go back to your guests. So pop some champagne, bring some snacks and get ready to be fabulous and do you boo.

We did our session in Oregon with Hairstream (hmua) // seriously so cool being able to get ready and chill in this bohemian and retro little renovated airstream.

Seriously making me think about my living situation and switching to van life.

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May 7, 2020

Bend Boho Bridal Session

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