let's make something beautiful

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Let's make something beautiful

If you're here, something about me clicked with you, I am so excited to connect with you and talk about about your love and elopement dreams!  I want your day to be epic AF and I'm sooooo ready to make this freaking happen 🤘

Please fill out as much of the contact form below as possible (it really helps me get a sense of your personalities!

I promise,  I'll be in touch reaaaal soon! 

In the meantime be sure to check out the blog for free resources on planning your elopement :) 

I cannot wait to hear from you!

are you reaaaaady for this?!

xo, Oshen

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I'm ALL about connection and so vibing with my couples is important to me. Was there work of mine that gave you that "YESSS" feeling?!
Okaaay, last one I promise! How did you find me?
When you think of your big day, what do you see / feel? Do you have any visions in mind that have you thinking, "THAT IS SO ME"? Totally feel free to share that Pinterest board if you have one!!!! I love to hear about your vision for your day and any other details you want to share about you two!

Thank you so damn much for reaching out and considering me to document your love story. 

 I am honored you were drawn to my work and want to learn more and I am super stoked to get to know you two.

 I'm here to give you the best freaking day ever and one that is badass AF just like the two of you. ;) 

I respond to emails within 24 hours, so pleaaaaaase keep and eye on that inbox of yours!
Oh yeah and be sure to double check the spam folder #technology 

I'll be in touch shortly!


let's  freaking  do   this!

Copyright 2020 Oshen Davidson

Adventure Elopement Photographer empowering couples to get married in ways as badass as their love.

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serving the PNW, Hawaii and the Midwest + traveling wherever your love leads me. 

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