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The Experience

it's about  the love

Choosing to elope can be a scary thing! So hats off to you for choosing to do things your way and saying sayonara to tradition 🤘

All love is welcome here🌈

As your elopement photographer, I'm here to guide, support and document your love as it is.  No fluff, no charades, a day that is 100% authentically you. 

I'll tell it like it is--

say heyyy

sound like your vibe?

Let me start off by saying this whole thing is about you. This is your story. You've done the work. You've allowed yourself to be vulnerable, to love unconditionally, to take risks, to follow your heart, to choose to make up after fights, to choose one another and to give it your all. This was always and will always be about you.

This is about the day you choose one another. You stare into each others eyes and know this other person is there for you, loves you and is your best friend for life. They're there for the ups and downs, the highs and lows and everything in between. 

I am nothing more than a chapter in all of this. I'm there to capture these little moments between you two. To give you mementos of one of the best days you two will share together. Because there will be plenty. There will be tears, there will be laughter, there will be love. 

I'm more than your photographer. I'm a friend. I'm here for late night texts and helping you envision and see how freaking magical your elopement can be. I help my couples every step of the way because ya'll deserve to have the best day ever.

My goal is to give you the best freakin experience ever. A down to earth experience where you get to be yourself. No judgement, no fluff. An honest experience where you allow yourself to love fully and be who you are. 

I bring the camera. You bring the love. We make the magic.


What I value for my couples

To support couples to make the choice to have a wedding day that is entirely their own. 

To help couples create an intentional experience that focuses on the intimate and meaningful connections while celebrating their commitment to each other in a unique and authentic way. 

To empower couples to choose to celebrate their union in a way that is down to earth, stress free and without restriction. 

To give couples the choice to say no to tradition and be true to themselves by choosing to celebrate in a way that reflects who they are. 

To be open and honest and respectful of the vulnerability, emotion and intention behind the way they get married. 

To be mindful of the values in which their wedding day takes place and to foster an environment of equity and inclusion. 

a safe place where couples can love wildly without fear of judgment. 

-The booking process-

inquire today

let's do the damn thing!

I believe booking your photographer should be stress-free af, so I'll lay it out plain and simple.

1) contact me and say heyyy!
let's get to know each other! whether you wanna talk through email, text, or hop on facetime-- let's get to know each other! 'll send over packages, you let me know what you're thinking and we make it freaking happen! 

2) make it official
once you decide on a package that fit's your needs, i'll send you a link to your client portal; where you'll find a proposal, invoice and contract-- check it out, sign, pay your retainer and i'm all yours!

3) time to have the best day ever!
i'll send you a shared pinterest board, questionnaires, guides and we'll work together on planning and bringing your vision to life making sure you had the most badass elopement experience ever.