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get to know me

Inspired by the nostalgic feeling you get when you drive with the windows down, music bumpin' without a care in the world. 

Born and raised in Washington, I have a soft spot for "on a whim adventures" and spend more time traveling than I do at home. When I'm not adventuring with couples, you can find me exploring, binging netflix, cooking + drinking wine. 

I'm insanely blessed to be able to do what I love for a living and being able to document peoples love in epic places is legit my dream and I seriously am beyond stoked to be a part of your adventure!

your elopement photographer, thrift store junkie & pasta aficionado 

Ohhh hey!!!! I'm Oshen 

a magical experience

I believe your elopement should be more than just pretty photos. 

Your wedding day should be about more than just pretty photos. It's a damn good reason to celebrate and you can count on me to invest 110% of myself into making sure you have a freaking magical experience and documenting your love authentically and beautifully for you to relive over and over again for the rest of your life.

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