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the adventure elopement experience

When you make the decision to have a lifelong commitment to another person, you’re embarking on a new path in a life full of adventure. You’ve made the intentional decision to start this new journey and this BIG decision of yours deserves to be celebrated!  

Your love isn’t about the material things, it’s about the connection; which is why the way you get married matters. Celebrating your marriage doesn’t have to be a big event to be meaningful. 

At the very core of your relationship, your love is based on emotion. The focus of your wedding should be rooted in emotion and choosing to celebrate your marriage in an intimate way allows you to be intentional and connected. Traditional weddings will have you being pulled in every direction, following a strict schedule while trying to engage with all your guests that came to celebrate with you. Did you know most couples don’t spend more than 90 minutes together when they have traditional weddings? On a day that is created to celebrate your marriage, don’t you think you deserve a little more than that?

My philosophy as your elopement photographer:

I believe that when celebrating your marriage, it should be 100% about you. 

I'm not the type of photographer that you'll talk to only 3 times before your wedding day, or someone who's going to clock in on the dot and when our times up & dip out. It's important to me that you understand my role and what to expect when you hire me. I'm more than just a photographer. I'm your planner, travel guide & hype girl. I'll be the chameleon you need for your day, whether you want me up close or documenting your moments from afar, giving you two a truly intimate ceremony.

When we begin planning your elopement, I take my time getting to know you two as a couple and as individuals. I want to know about your values, experiences and everything that shaped you into the person you are today. Understanding my couples and their communication styles is how I best serve. We'll go over your wants and needs and build the foundation for your day to reflect exactly that.

I'll help you navigate everything from A-Z for creating the elopement of your dreams, so your day can be focused on what matters most, love. 

What does it mean to elope?



- Elopements allow for a more personal wedding day
- A day spent doing whatever you want
- Getting married at your favorite location
- The chance to be emotionally vulnerable
- Eloping can be stress-free + down to earth
- You can invite whoever you want
- Focuses on your values
- The most intimate way to get married 
-  You can plan as little or far in advance as you'd like
- Eloping is special 
- Eloping gives you the ability to create your own traditions
- You can avoid family pressure + drama 
- You can still have a bachelor/bachelorette party 
- Elopements can be as minimal or extravagant as you want
- You can hike to an epic location
- You can choose to combine your elopement and honeymoon 
- You can have an elopement indoors or even at a venue
- You can be as adventurous or non-adventurous as you want

- It has to only be the two of you
- The wedding has to be a secret
- You have to do it last minute 
- Eloping is more expensive
- Elopements have to be cheap or minimal
- You have to invite our family
- You can't include traditional aspects of a wedding day
- You have to know where to elope first
- You need to pick a date before you can start planning
- You can't have the pre-wedding celebrations parties
- You need a travel agent or planner in order to elope abroad
- Elopements are all day photoshoots
- Elopements can't be extravagant
- You have to hike in order for it to be an elopement
- Elopements only have to be outdoors 
- Elopements are only for the adventurous

Eloping is the decision to prioritize your values and commitment to one another by having an intentional, intimate, authentic and meaningful wedding celebration centered around connection. 

+ Sharing meaningful and new experiences
+ An intimate celebration 
+ A stress-free day without the pressure or theatrics of a big party 
+ The freedom to be vulnerable 
+ A day focused on connection 
+ Saying "I Do" in the great outdoors
+ Celebrating just the two of you or with a handful of your closest friends & family 
+ The ability to celebrate your marriage while staying true to yourself 
+  Having the best damn day of your life and spending it a way that matters most to you!

What eloping could mean for you...

Creating your vision

We'll create the foundation of your elopement through my streamlined planning process. You'll receive all the tools you need such as resources, guides & unlimited support.

elopement packages

 Itinerary & Logistics

You'll receive personalized vendors whose work aligns with your vision. From florists to accommodations, choosing your vendors will be a piece of cake.

We'll craft your itinerary and timeline with many factors in mind, such as weather, accessibility and privacy to make sure you have the experience you deserve. 

Documenting your day

I'll be there capturing the moments as they are, in your element being 100% yourself, while celebrating the way love was intended to be celebrated. You'll  receive your photos in a private gallery that will forever memorialize your epic & intimate celebration. 

Dream Locations

I do all the research and location scouting to find you the perfect spot for your day. You'll only receive locations that align with your wants and needs for your day, 

How I help create the elopement of your dreams





kind words from couples

"WOW! we are so in love with them already, thank you again for capturing our special day, we truly appreciate you and all you did to make the day run smoothly, there is not enough thanks in the world that could amount to our gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you 🥰❤️"

"Oshen was an amazing photographer for my whole wedding journey! She was so creative when finding the most beautiful locations for our photoshoots. Her authentic style of photography captured the deepest emotions from my wedding. She made me feel so comfortable, relaxed, and able to enjoy every moment. So thankful for her work!"

"I can't say enough good things about our experience with Oshen! We were clueless on how to start our wedding planning. We were wanting to have an elopement so we looked into finding a elopement guide/photographer since we had heard so many great things. We found Oshen on pinterest and decided to reach out. We scheduled a phone consultation and immediately hit it off! Just from our phone call we knew she was the one for us! She is so knowledgeable and helped us really define what our dream wedding meant to us and even helped us design and create our dream elopement. She helped find vendors and the hotel for our elopement. Our day was more amazing than we could've ever imagined it would be. Oshen is truly magic at what she does and we couldn't be happier!"

"Oh Oshen🥺 we’re basically at a loss for words. Every single photo is just beautiful! The gallery has us laughing, crying, and smiling. I don’t know how you do it!! We’ll certainly cherish these forever. And all the sweet moments you captured with my mama, I just have no words for how grateful I am for those. Just thank you so so much! Please let us know where the best place to leave a review is🥰"

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