i'm here to help couples like you, create the wedding experience of their dreams without the stress

meet your portland elopement expert & hype girl

Hi friends, I'm Oshen! I’m an intimate wedding and elopement photographer based in Portland, Oregon who believes that your wedding day should prioritize YOUR love above all else.

When I started photographing weddings, I found that the bigger the wedding, the more stressed out the couple was. These couples were spending more time with their guests than each other, and the lack of having the opportunity to just "be present" and "in the moment", really flipped a switch in my brain and inspired me to change the standards in the industry, one couple at a time.

My goal as a photographer is to not only photograph your day, but empower you to create a wedding experience that allows you to enjoy the moment, be carefree, prioritize your connection, and say "I do" in a way that not only vibes with you, but actually reflects your core identities & personalities.

xo, Oshen

couple eloping in oregon forest

oregon elopement photography & planning

I handcraft elopements and intimate weddings throughout Oregon for couples who want to prioritize their values and experience above all else. 

We'll bring your vision to life by co-crafting a wedding day that's intentional, and focuses on what it is that you want, while giving you the opportunity to be present and experience a celebration that feels genuine and authentic to you.

There's no spectacle or charades, just a honest, raw and meaning-filled intimate celebration that truly reflects you.

lets create your dream day

  • Photography coverage + digital gallery telling the story of your day
  • Full planning support every step of the way + access to my exclusive planning guide
  • Help with the logistics such as marriage paperwork, customized itinerary, and “day of” timeline
  • Personalized location scouting, local Oregon vendor recommendations, lodging & accommodations, activity ideas + more


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  • Shared vision + mood board
  • No travel fees anywhere in the Portland metropolitan area

I believe the day you get married should be intentional, intimate, and centered around your connection.

what does eloping in oregon look like?

A wedding day that prioritizes what it is that you value while having the opportunity to be present in each and every moment.

The freedom to choose where you invest your time, without worrying about being rushed.

No spectacle or charades, just an honest, raw, and meaning-filled intimate celebration that truly feels like “you”.

No matter how big or small your adventure seems, there are no right or wrong ways to celebrate. You deserve the wedding day that you want, and I’m here to make it happen.

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