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couples photos on christmas tree farm

D & J’s Winter Couples Session

Fog + sweater weather = A TOTAL VIBE and I  am soooo here for it!!

Swooning over these two from this past weekend! I had the best freaking time with them running around the farm and getting to know them. Out of nowhere we had about 30 or so chickens and roosters come up to us 😳 Needless to say, ya girl started off in the other direction reaaaal quick. 😅

D found me through instagram and when she wanted to book a couples session with her + the boo, I was like HELL YEAH!! We DMed each other for a few weeks but I really got the chance to get to know her when we met up for their session on a little farm kinda in the middle of nowhere outside of Portland. One of the first things D + J started talking about when we began walking around the farm was the mushrooms growing everywhere. I can tell you that I don’t know anything about mushrooms but damn they knew their stuff. They were telling me about all these different kinds and how some are harder to find and this and that. I was impressed to say the least haha.

D + J shared with me how they’ve been together for 6 years and met back in high school. D originally from Mexico, she moved here to live with her aunt and has been here ever since. Seeing these two interact, you could straight up feel the love and connection they share. Have you ever seen a couple interact and you’re just like whoa, these two are definitely meant to be together? Well that’s exactly how I felt about them. It was also pretty cool to find out that they’re both musicians and actually met in Choir *seriously so freaking cute*!

I’ve really been loving how creative things have gotten with my couples lately. Since I’ve started shooting film again, I’ve been digging more and more into what I want my work to look and feel like and this is it. I want your photographs to be dreamy, romantic and give you all the damn feels.
So thank you D + J for the adventure and for being some of the most badass, chill and down to earth folks I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. 🤘

couple piggyback ride

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November 24, 2020

D + J- A Cozy Winter Couples Session in Portland

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