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The day you make your lifelong commitment to your partner is one of the most important days of your life. I truly believe that you deserve an incredible, one of a kind experience where you get to soak up the moment and just be yourselves, celebrating in the most "you" way possible!!! Getting married is a big deal and having a big celebration can seem scary and kind of nerve-wrecking. I'm here to let you know that its totally normal and my goal is to make sure your day is as chill and stress-free as possible. I think your day should be full of fun, laughter, emotion, and love. You don't deserve to be pulled in a million directions so I'm here to help. 

First off, I am really excited to get to know you both & hear all about your plans (at least what you have so far!)   Please fill out my form below so I can get a sense of who you two are not only as a couple but also as individuals.

You're probably thinking, DAMN Oshen this is a lot to fill out- I get it. I used to not ask this much but in order for me to really feel you out- just like my website gives you a "feel" for me, I decided to put more meaning and intention behind my contact form. I truly care about my couples and want to know you as best as I can and this helps with that. While not all the questions are required, the more you fill out the better. I get really excited reading through these and connecting with you and would love nothing more than to get to know you as best as possible!

 I respond within 24 hours so keep an eye on that inbox!

I don't have normal operating hours as sometimes I'm up late and sometimes I'm in bed by 9. But I promise you'll hear from my reaaaaal soon. Lemme tell ya, I can't wait to meet you!!! 

Ready to plan your dream adventure?

xo, Oshen

Copyright 2020 Oshen Davidson

Washington and Oregon Elopement and Wedding Photographer showing lovebirds around the world how magical their wedding day can be. 

Oshen davidson 


Serving: Oregon // Washington // Idaho // Montana // California & anywhere love takes me
available worldwide

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