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insider on all the local spots (A foodie through & through)

finder of epic trails (all the hidden gems coming your way!)

Just a PNW gal living in between Iceland and Oregon, spending my life capturing people in love & exploring new cultures. Consider me your all in one gal pal to guide you on your own badass adventure and one of a kind elopement!

DIY florist *I actually should make a career of this*

your elopement expert (planner, adventure buddy & everything you need)

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I specialize in creating elopements and intimate weddings for couples that want more than a typical wedding day

creative elopements that give you all the feels

I’m a down to earth, pasta eating, go-with-the-flow, adventure seeking empath with a love for new experiences and creating solid connections. I’ve always been a mushy romantic at heart and am all about anything that makes me feel.  I’m based in the Pacific Northwest and Iceland and you can most often find me traveling between Seattle, Portland and Reykjavik.

When I was younger, I spent 5 years in college getting a degree because I felt it was what was expected of me. Since then, I’ve learned that going about life by following the paths that others create for you will not make you happy. I didn’t need to follow traditions that I didn’t resonate with. This is why I love elopements. Marriage shouldn’t be about pleasing others. It’s about union, love, connection, and making the autonomous decision for a lifelong commitment to one another. This is what I love most about eloping, It’s the chance to celebrate in a way that is fully centered around what matters most to you.

My strengths as an empath have led me to be highly intuitive and adaptable in documenting & guiding couples on their own wedding day. Since I’m a sucker for nostalgia and feelings, photographing people in love is an incredibly rewarding experience for me and something I can pour my heart into. 

Emotions are where I find my inspiration. Like the nostalgic feeling you get when you’re in the car with the windows down, eyes closed, music bumpin’ without a care in the world. The moments where you feel infinite like life couldn’t be any better than this moment right now. These are the kind of moments my couples have on their wedding day.

Being able to tell a story through my photographs is incredibly rewarding. I’ve documented 60+ couples all over the world, while showing couples how beautiful and meaningful their elopement experience can be.

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my mission as your elopement photographer and guide.

to support couples to make the choice to have a wedding day that is entirely their own.


to empower couples to choose to celebrate their union in a way that is down to earth, stress free and without restriction.


to give couples the choice to say no to tradition and be true to themselves by choosing to celebrate in a way that reflects who they are.


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to respect the values in which your wedding day takes place and to foster an environment of equity and inclusion.


to foster a safe place where couples can love just as they are without fear of judgment.


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Adventure Elopement & Intimate Wedding Photographer based in Oregon and Iceland.  I guide couples on their own unique wedding celebration through handcrafted one-of-a-kind elopements.


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