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I'm Oshen! I was born & raised in the Pacific Northwest and currently live back and forth between Portland & Iceland. I'm a sucker for cinema, shooting film and cappuccinos and have a deep love for art and really anything that evokes emotion. But aside from that, I'm your photographer, planning expert & all-in-one elopement guide. I care about telling your story as it is in the most genuine & down to earth way possible and always bring a documentary approach to your day. Trusting me to tell your story is an incredible honor and being a part of that space is sacred, *insert more about my documentary spiel* so long story short... I respect that wholeheartedly.

Your photos are 110% about YOU, and I believe capturing your love in the realest way possible can only be done by respecting your personalities, boundaries, communication styles and relationship. So consider me your elopement chameleon. I'l never interrupt the perfect moment or put you in awkward poses.

I believe that when you allow yourself to be real with me, you deserve the same realness on my end. I'm a sucker for emotion filled moments *the chances of me crying during your vows are highly likely*, I love sharing new experiences with my couples and am passionate about being able to show & guide folks on the endless possibilities to create their dream elopement.

Consider me your storyteller, elopement guru, planner, adventure mate, and 'the soccer mom of elopements', I'll pack the snacks and navigate you on everything you need to have a badass and once in a lifetime experience that is beyond your wildest dreams.

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why i believe eloping is so special

Marriage shouldn’t be about pleasing others. It’s about union, love, connection, and making the autonomous decision for a lifelong commitment to one another. This is what I love most about eloping, allowing yourself the chance to celebrate in a way that is fully centered around what matters most to you.

Your elopement can be so meaningful. It's the moments where you feel infinite like life couldn’t be any better than this. These are the kind of moments my couples have on their elopement day. I strive to create not your run of the mill pictures you look at and post on facebook or instagram and revisit only on anniversaries. You deserve so much more. It's about capturing your love and creating art that truly tells your story.

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to empower couples to choose to celebrate their love in a way that is down to earth, stress free and without restriction.

to respect the values in which your wedding day takes place and to foster an environment of equity and inclusion.

to support couples who choose to skip to tradition and celebrate in a way that reflects who they are.

to foster a safe environment where couples can truly be their authentic self.

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