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I’m a Pacific Northwest native who thrives on intimate moments and endless adventures. I have a little boy named Easton who is the ultimate joy in my life! In my spare time I like to try new crafts, boogie to new spotify playlists, visit local wineries, explore the outdoors and meet new people. 
 I am blessed to do what I love for a living & truly believe that a picture is worth a thousand words and am so honored that you are considering me for your big day! 

Being a hopeless romantic, I found that I loved being able to capture those candid moments between people. You know, those moments where you’re left thinking HOT DAMN this is intense! Like that straight out of a movie kind of thing. These are the authentic moments that make me LOVE what i do! There's nothing better then being able to tell someones love story.

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I am ALL about the details and authentic connections shared between my couples. I’m here for the tears, the laughter, the smiles, the curse words, the everything. I am here to celebrate with you! Because you are WORTH IT and you are LOVED! At the end of the day, what we have is our endless love for each other growing deeper each and every damn day and we should be present and here for it all.
I don’t just show up with a camera, take some pictures and leave. I wanna be a part of ALL of the excitement on this journey from #yestothedress to the helping you get in your dress. That’s why I am big on making sure we are a right fit or each other. Don’t think of me as a vendor, consider me your new bestie. Our connection and relationship is important to me and helps me in capturing the raw and genuine connection between you and your loved one(s). It means the WORLD to me that we get to know each other and create a beautiful friendship throughout your wedding/elopement journey. I want to create something beautiful for you to cherish, FOREVER! Once the wedding day is over, and years down the road, I want you to be able to remember how special and intimate your wedding day was through your photographs and the memories you shared.

I know I talk a lot about your memories, but c’mon!!! Your memories are SOO FREAKING important to me and with that, you are too! If you’re reading this and something sparked… leaving you thinking, “this is my kind of gal!”, then YAY! I am so freaking excited to connect with you and start this wedding journey together! Let’s get together, lets eat, grab a coffee or drink and celebrate cause you’re MARRYING your soul mate and how freaking amazing is that?! 

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