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My beliefs:
We’re all so used to the traditional way of doing things and let me tell ya something, lots of us are nontraditional and not enough folks stand up for it. We’re the bold, the eclectic, the quirky, the adventurous, the risk-takers, the wild, the carefree, the free-spirited, the extroverts and the introverts. 

My view is that we deserve to celebrate in ways that represent each and every one of us. Whether that means you get married in the desert, the woods, the mountains, the city, a parking garage rooftop, or your family farm; you’re doing it for you. Because this entire experience is about you. It’s about the love you have for one another and making your wedding day an experience that reflects that is DAMN important!

So maybe you’re like, whoaaa dude that sounds awesome but how do I know if this is for me? Well my friend.. Keep reading on and you might just find your answer ;)

I think that not too often do people step outside of the box and break-free of traditions that they DO NOT value themselves. Let me tell you honey, LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO NOT BE HAPPY!!!

So break the rules. Walk off the beaten path. Because you deserve to get married in the way you want. Whether you want an adventurous elopement - an intimate wedding - or a grand ol party I'm here to show you that we can totally make that magic happen. 

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Okay, now some fun stuff bout me and who I am:
I'm a typical west coast girl who loves a good IPA and a glass o' red. My ideal vacay is a road trip spent exploring the outdoors. I spend half my time in Washington and the other half in Oregon-- and everywhere I'm traveling in between. I am always down for an adventure, no matter big or small.

I am a total foodie and will google the best Thai restaurant in every single city I ever go to and make it a mission to eat there (I'm not even joking).  In my home life, I'm a mama to a 2.5 year old wildchild and probably chillin in the backyard blowing bubbles or gardening.  My dream location to shoot is the Scottish Highlands and I would freakin die to go back to visit someday.  I absolutely believe that pineapple goes on pizza as long as its paired with jalepenos. 
I love a good story (shocker, right?), but honestly suck at reading books-- but I can say that I am quite excellent at binging podcasts and netflix and my greatest netflix accomplishment is 14 seasons of grey's anatomy in 3 months (yay--maternity leave). 

Really, I'm just your typical west coast-down to earth-always up for a good time kind of gal. 

take a  peek into my life (aka camera roll)... mostly photos of my wildchild.

Copyright 2020 Oshen Davidson

Washington and Oregon Elopement and Wedding Photographer showing lovebirds around the world how magical their wedding day can be. 

Oshen davidson 


Serving: Oregon // Washington // Idaho // Montana // California & anywhere love takes me
available worldwide

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